It’s been a while – too long – since we last featured DJ Manipulator, so let’s rectify that by posting ‘Dim Sum, the latest beat in his Manipulator Mondays series. A fine addition to the Word Is Bond archives it is too, as his signature banging drums are laced with a juxtaposed soft, melodic chop of a delicate few bars, not to mention that dim sum is actually a delicious foodstuff, so a shoutout there. DJ Manipulator is actually remarkably consistent beatsmith, as anyone who has paid attention to Manipulator Mondays will know. I don’t think I’ve heard one which doesn’t bang and isn’t weak, and that can’t be said of many. His collaborations with MCs, such as Haze and Louie Gonz, are always strong, and it’d be cool to see some more in future, but for now Manipulator Mondays will do just fine.

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