The homie Depakote has dropped some random flavor for your Soul. The craft is still in progress as he is continues to work on a fourth project entitled I Tried My Best, meanwhile as he works on that audible fury, he gets multitasking and puts out this project Random, full of side beats he’s thrown out previuosly for the masses to butter up too. We recommend you listen to his material and slap this responsibly. Continue to read on for further information.. gheeaaaaa

It’s his follow up to his album ‘I Live To Die And I Die To Live’ that was on the This City Is Ours label out of Manchester – grab that here:
Depakote’s taking his time on his new album but gets sidetracked making random tracks. He says he’s trying not to be too anal and critical about his ‘I Tried My Best’ but he wants to make it… one of his best.
In the meantime he’s blessed us with 11 ‘random tracks’ (as he calls them) for free download on Groovement.
Via Bandcamp

Download Random On Bandcamp Click Here

WIB3.0 S’all Good…

Depakote UK

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