The Sugar Hill Gang are working on their first album in over a decade. In addition to a new album, they will also be featured in a documentary — named “I Want My Name Back” — about their rise to fame, place in hip-hop history and their 20 plus year battle to own their rap names, which they recently won, according to report by

Roger Paradiso, who also produced “The Thomas Crown Affair”, “The Manhattan Project” and “City by the Sea”, is shooting the documentary.

Paradiso spoke with about the Sugar Hill Gang’s new album and their story.

On the new album and the reason for the hiatus:

“They’re working on a new album and have been for a while,” Roger Paradiso told “They got so disillusioned during their first experience. If that song [the seminal hit “Rapper’s Delight”] happened today, they’d be set for life. But they are living a very modest life.”

On the story behind the legal issues and dealings with Sylvia and Joe Robinson, the people with whom the Sugar Hill Gang had the legal battle with:

“Their recording career came to an end not really because they wanted to, but they were under such a bad contract,” Paradiso said, admitting that the Robinson’s refused to comment on the documentary.

“They started touring and started learning how they were getting ripped off,” Paradiso said. “When their contract came up, they got legal advice, and they tried to negotiate a better contract and the label didn’t want to. They had no publishing control and they certainly weren’t paid correctly on the royalty side.”

Release dates for the documentary and new album have not been released.



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