Emerging South Chicago rapper Cook Fee is in his element as he drops a fiery performance in his new single “Andretti.” Over the dreamy and ethereal soundscape, he catches the holy spirit and kicks a machine-gun style flow from start to finish. The track is less than 2 minutes but it’s enough for him to showcase his unique style.

The visual follows Cook Fee as a cyborg getting some upgrades in a secret lab and also merges some cool futuristic aesthetics alongside the rapper’s animated performance style.

Stream “Andretti” on all DSPs here.

Upcoming artist from south side Chicago. Cook Fee began writing raps in the 2nd grade with the inspiration coming from a classmate whose father was a rapper. Growing up he was always afraid to tell people that he rapped and wanted to make music but, a bad car accident led to Cook dropping out of college with 104 credits and ultimately led to him residing in Brooklyn to chase his dream full time.

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