Here’s a scorcher that just dropped.. For all you beat fanatics, here’s one for all of you, “Clear Blue” has came back with an impeccable set of instrumentals, enough to make your ears secrete.. Please consider the following for enhancement.. Place headset of your ears, adjust sound to slap, and set a drift with the audio gift.. Support and hit that jump for the link… ghea enjoy!…

Suggestion For Use:
– bang it in ya whip
– zone out to it on a walk around the city
– impromptu freestyle sessions
– when you need a dose of that real shit
*** None of the beats on the this tape should be re-used without consent and permission from Clear Blue
VIA Bandcamp

[viral-lock]Listen/Purchase “BEATS & TURNUPS: VOL 1” ON BANDCAMP CLICK HERE[/viral-lock]


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