Denver rap artist and songwriter BVNK  follows his Emo Season N Tough Times project, with his sophomore release entitled BVNK Season. The 8-track body of work is all about self-love and finding one’s center through all the madness. The project sees him working with his longtime collaborators Viikaden and Yemi25, with additional contributions from Miami beatsmith Luda Bandz and Atlanta duo TrackTeam. The result is a blend of hip-hop/trap, R&B/future soul vibes that are peppered by BVNK’s smooth melodic raps and evocative lyrics that detail his fears, hopes, dreams, and more.

The project starts with the introductory track “My Life” where the rapper is in his element as he details his journey as a man taking control of his life amidst external forces trying to break him down. This is followed by the videogame-esque “Impatient” where he attempts to fix a toxic relationship. He displays his melodic style to the fullest on that track and delivers a solid performance ripe with relatable lyrics. “Know Me” is a bouncy catchy tune that has a summer vibe and BVNK’s versatile approach plays a central role here. ON “Different” he makes use of a cinematic and moody production as his backdrop and he delivers an offbeat and sparse performance while diving into his growth within a blossoming relationship. Other solid joints include the spiritually grounded track “Blessings” where he appreciates the small mercies afforded to him, the uplifting “Oh U” with its somber and dreamy textures to the solemn piano chords on the closing track “Float II”

Overall, BVNK Season ticks all boxes and delivers copious amounts of catchy melodies, hooks and relatable topics that listeners can rock with.


Born in Nigeria, raised in the UK, and now living in North America, BVNK [pronounced BANK] is a musical product of his environment. His music is a melting pot of melodic rap/sung, hard-hitting hip-hop, and lush R&B, flavored with indie music sensibilities, while his storytelling and songwriting are informed by his life-long experiences that have spanned three different continents. It’s these experiences that have pushed him to challenge his thoughts and societal norms, as you will hear throughout his music. Believing that his experiences are much like those of his listeners, his ultimate goal is to uplift people with his music that knows no bounds, because as BVNK always says, “music is the language we all understand”.

Photo Credit: Joe Friend]

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