Introducing you all to what everyone has been calling them “triple-threat” collective, DIEMON. (More videos after the jump)We’ll lay the ground work by beginning with a short interview with the ATL gang’s producer Russ talking, and free-styling, briefly with about his transition from strictly producing beats to throwing himself on a verse and discovering he can spit. Rapper Bugus, who is about to drop album Bombs Over Babylon tomorrow, shares single Good Kids Bad Habits II & video. It will be interesting watching these determined 20 year old’s climb the game’s ladder with a confident attitude, knowing they got what it takes to be heard via dope beats and an easy flow. They’ve been dropping bombs like crazy lately, along with three real well-made videos in just the last month and a half that I’ve shared below. Enjoy.

Interview with producer Russ

Bugus – Good Kids Bad Habits

Bugus – Art Money Trees

Russ – Corleone

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