Memphis based emerging rapper Bleu Levees comes through with all guns blazing on his new single “Alchemy.”

The track produced by Empee Von Schlagen has a darkly cinematic mood with its ominous strings and orchestral vocal hummings that layer the hard-hitting drums beneath. Bleu Levees doesn’t leave any stone unturned as he goes full throttle with lines like “In the key to live in greatness, you gotta be patient but I’m the doctor getting bacon hope you adjacent, like Jason Vorhees, hockey mask on just so I can hide the lonely.

“Alchemy” is the final track of his up and coming EP  Heavy is the Head.

Michael Royal, better known by his stage name, Bleu Levees ( /ˈlevēs ), is an award-winning Hip Hop artist and songwriter originally from New Orleans. Groomed by the music scene of Memphis, his life started here after being uprooted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He has performed at many notable venues, including A3C Festival and the Memphis Slim House, and has toured with Memphis hip hop group Hippy Soul, throughout the south. With over 50K music streams, Bleu Levees has been recognized internationally and locally by the Memphis Flyer and in the UK by Rude Boy Magazine. His music blends genres such as “Hip Hop” , “Jazz”, and “Rock creating the independent, nuanced sound that entitles him as Memphis royalty.


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