Raw Poetic

[wpaudio url=”https://www.thewordisbond.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/08-Natural-Selection.mp3″ text=”Panacea – Natural Selection” dl=”0″]

“Hey people got a way with words its all symbols
Fast talking characters swear it’s all simple
I can spot the youth by speech and not pimples
And I can see my God through sounds and not temples
My soul I put aside with my shadow and grew older
Boat flow, two lines at a time I call Noah
I walk by the church and hear my promise to grams
See the Mosque in the distance I’m conflicted again
Peep the bottle on the ground the wind is whistling sounds
It’s the nova space walker homes a hell of a town
Stay in a zone without comfort, like cars without bumpers
One little touch could fuck the mind right up
At the door of my moms I feel the weight light up
I’ve done finally stopped trippin, peeped life beyond vision
And the world turned black like pans in old kitchens

– Natural Selection

The 2010 Word Is Bond emcee of the year is a much debated issue between us writers. Of the many worthy nominations that included Shad, J-Live and Nas, only one talented artist can gain the title. When coming to this tough decision, we aim to award the emcee that delivered most in ‘010. That is why myself and many others here at Word Is Bond have granted the title to Raw Poetic a.k.a Jason Moore. Despite already boasting an extensive catalogue of quality albums, many felt it was his 2010 L.P. “12 Step Program” which showcased Raw P’s talents at their best.

Every lyric reads like poetry, providing a window into the imagination of Jason’s creative mind. The content and style of delivery truly took hip-hop to another level, backed by classic beats from K-Murdock. This criminally ignored emcee is an icon for everything that is right with underground hip-hop. He deserves to take his place alongside the greatest of inspirational artists, up there with Andre 3000 and Q-Tip. We hope others will follow suit in honouring this man for his incredible work.


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