Emerging Polish American singer Berry Galazka delivers the visual for her genre-bending single titled “Marisa.” The track is a blend of pop, rap, and alternative elements showcasing Galazka’s fluid and out-the-box style. She approached the track from her own unique perspective blending catchy melodies with upbeat rap verses that detail her experiences about being bullied as a kid and how she overcame it. The title is a reference to the girl who bullied her in 4th grade and the story surrounding the whole situation. I like how she keeps it fun all the way but at the same time reflective so everyone can actually learn a thing or two from it.

For the visual, she recruits the aid of director Paulette Agnes Ang, who help capture Galazka’s youthful and vibrant spirit. From the lively performance shots, set pieces, and cinematic aesthetics, viewers can really get into the singer’s hands-on style that sees her as the sole architect of her music. “Marisa” is the lead single from Berry Galazka’s forthcoming debut LP Man Can’t Hang.

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Photo Credit: Emily Stein

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