Multi-faceted recording artist, producer and director Ben Schuller delivers the latest entry in his groundbreaking series, “Two Sides of the Same Coin.” The new track “LET ME GO,” is a compelling piece that dives deep into the battle for control between the “artist” and “influencer” sides of Schuller, revealing the inner turmoil while he fights to not lose who he is while also chasing success. Over a dark and gloomy soundscape, he pours his all-on wax as he tries to balance the different sides of his artistry. He knows it’s not a walk in the park and the struggles are real.

The cinematic visuals capture the struggle between Ben’s influencer and musician personas and follow him as he grapples with the realization of what he has become and his unwavering determination to come back from it. The visual also marks the first face-to-face encounter between these two contrasting aspects of Ben’s identity, setting the stage for the grand finale video slated for release in late November.

“Two Sides of the Same Coin” continues this introspective journey, offering a poignant exploration of the artist’s internal struggle for identity and creative authenticity in an industry dominated by online presence. Ben Schuller has released one song/video at a time throughout 2023, inviting his audience to join him on the ride.

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