Happy new year good people! What better way to kick off 2014 with a recap of some sort courtesy of the NY titan Bekay. The man in question jumps on Pusha T‘s ‘Nosetalgia’ to deliver some witty,thought provoking and smirk inducing lines throughout this joint.

Need I say more? Welcome to 2014 and keep on checking WIB for that thorough goodness.

“Obama-care is supposed to get our health right
So everybody logged on but couldn’t get on to the website 
In heaven Paul Walker of-course I’ll see ya’
What the f*ck was Dennis Rodman doing up in North Korea”

If you don’t stop to appreciate life’s moments (for better and for worse), they might just pass you by. From Kendrick Lamar’s infamous “Control” verse, Miley Cyrus’ salacious performance at the VMAs, up to and including this past Saturday’s shocking injury from Anderson Silva’s at UFC 168, a lot went down this year. Playing historian over Pusha T’s “Numbers On the Boards,” Brooklyn’s Bekay spares no stories in his wrap-up of what went down during the last 12 months. The emcee’s “Year In Review” series is nothing new; for nearly 10 years, with the exception of last year’s absence due to Hurricane Sandy’s wrath that left him nearly destitute, Bekay has provided some of the best year-end wrap-ups in his own Brooklyn’esque, witty fashion. So while you attempt to nurse that head pounding hangover, let Bekay remind you of the insanity that was 2013.   

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