Uprising multi-faceted producer/spoken word artist Beecraver makes his entry on our site with his debut project Hegemhoney. The self-produced 5 track body of work is a fusion of indietronica with slam poetry/spoken word performance. I must say, this is quite a strange combination and this has to be the first time of listening to such a combination.

The project starts off with “Monarch”, a mid-tempo bouncy tune made up of rich synth pianos, warm pads and punchy drum grooves. The overall feel is retro and nostalgic while Beecraver’s laidback performance is reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s “Wear Sunscreen”. Beecraver talks about so many topics and often gives us a glimpse into his own meandering thoughts with lines likeGet out of the trench, get a government job and a nice little pension/I found it in between my music career, I don’t care which career you chose but make sure you call the right person”.  The other thing to note is how this track is divided into 3  different sections. The second section has a sombre and nostalgic string with soft drums while the third section dives back into the indietronica genre with its cinematic plucky synths and punchy drums. This is followed by the rousing “Fracture” with its rich synth arpeggios, glitchy synths and moody pads. The drums here are punchy and upbeat and often vanish allowing Beecraver’s mellow vocals to shine through. On the lyrical side, Beecraver once again delivers a stream-of-consciousness type performance ripe with off-kilter and somewhat mind-boggling lines like “Someday they wi write articles about a rapper who rapped with computers/ I’m still in the early stage as I walk my cage like the animal I am, I infiltrate your program, plant a few seeds so that you don’t proceed”.


“Empire” is another 3 part song that raises the ante with a woozy synth that permeates throughout the track over steady 4-to-the-floor drum patterns and moody pads in the first part. The first section has a few progressions and the classic techno piano riffs come into play underpinned by Beecraver’s monotone delivery. The second part of the track sounds like a scene from a futuristic car chase. The synths have a dark cinematic texture and the drums play second fiddle and only come into play every now and then with most of it being Beecraver’s voice and the layered synths. The third section has a disco-esque feel with electronica aesthetics. The build-up is engaging and dynamic and sets the tone for lyrics that dwell on self-control, humility standing up for one’s right as the situation permits.



The project closes out with “Cobra” and “Heir”, two tracks that take the project in another direction with their distinct production that harks back to an earlier time with a futuristic edge. “Cobra” has an 80s feel with its glitchy synth pads, woozy arpeggios and mellow drum groove that are underpinned by Beecraver’s vivid lyricism about his hometown before switching into a tale of forming an alliance with some individuals against the powers that be. To be honest, the spoken word is pretty fascinating as listeners are taken from one end of the spectrum to another with lines like “Since they try to shut us down, make us drown/We keep our heads up and call for back up whenever it is necessary to preserve the unity of the almighty  before reaffirming that their system is rubbish and refers to himself as the garbage collector here to collect what he is due. The final track “Heir” is another 3 part song that blends happy-go-lucky plucky synths with vibrant hard-hitting drums for the first section. The second part has a moody texture and midtempo groove that sets the tone for Beecraver’s nonconforming off-kilter lyrics. The final section makes use of the plucky synths in a solemn key with softer drums and dark pads to match. Here, he takes us on another epic journey as he reflects on his culture, roots, political opinions and the things that make him happy amongst other topics.


Overall, Hegemhoney can be verbose for those who are not used to this type of spoken word and it’s definitely an acquired taste if we are going to be honest. The production is varied, dynamic and expressive and gets the job done for the genre in question.



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