Emerging Brighton, UK rapper/songwriter Bby Shea blends R&B/soul and hiphop in her own unique way and has developed her style over the years. Her new release titled “Philophobic” is a heartfelt and reflective track that blends melodic vocals with candid raps that dwell on issues with men and love. Far from bashing the male gender, it’s more of a nuanced outlook on her own experiences and it’s far from rosy but whether you agree or not, it’s commendable to talk about these issues and Bby Shea does so in the most effective manner. Overall, the record is something we all can learn from.

Having started her journey in Brighton, Bby Shea encapsulates the sunny, warm vibes of a Modern Seaside town. She delivers her raw and honest perspective over lo-fi R&B, mixed with the classic sounds of hip-hop. Growing up with idols like Lauryn Hill, Sadé and Jean Grey, she quickly took to the microphone, emanating their strong female energy. After being heavily embedded in the Brighton scene, Bby Shea developed her own strong and individual blend of rapping and singing. She then moved to London to study music and pursue her career, forming her own network of talented creatives to produce her signature sound, as she navigates the topics in young modern love.


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