Baydream is a multi-genre band that released their debut Cosmos, in 2023 and has continued to push the boundaries of alternative genre-fusing music underpinned by social commentary. Their knack for focusing on real-time issues with a distinct perspective is what drives their latest EP entitled Propaganda.


The 7 track body of work explores a handful of topics to start with. The lyrics are straight to the point and even the subtle take on subjects like global warming, and excessive consumerism have a playful element to them. The melodies are often reserved for the hook and bridge sections while the verses are anchored by the lead’s baritone vocal runs reminiscent of Fun Loving Criminals (at least for me).  


The band’s use of extensive layering of sounds is the bedrock of the entire project and with their love for varying genres, they do pull quite a lot of tracks incorporating elements from contemporary music, pop-rock and even a touch of 80s sounds like “Doves & Guns” which has a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic reminiscent of 80s R&B with a touch of synth-pop elements. They push their horizons further on “Autopilot” and “No Tomorrow” with the former’s layered and off-kilter pop-rock jam that is made up of blistering guitar arrangements with punchy drum grooves and ethereal pads that weave into one another creating a haunting ambiance and the latter’s bright and nostalgia-inducing aesthetic that is both warm and sublime. I must also add that the baritone vocals are engulfing but the surreal instrumentation is something to consider as well. The last two tracks “Mourning” and “Global Warning”  bring the project full circle with thought-provoking and somewhat ominous themes that explore the fleeting nature of life as we traverse the uncertainties. Both tracks take the project into the gloomy side of things with their solemn and melancholic soundscapes.


Overall, Propaganda sure has a lot to unpack for lovers of experimental and alternative music. It’s quite cohesive and dynamic in terms of the overarching themes, topics and easy-to-follow songwriting.


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