Sinitus Tempo & Obii Say – Lounge Chairs

Sinitus Tempo & Obii Say – Head Bounty

Sinitus Tempo & Obii Say – One Last Time

Sinitus Tempo releases yet another tribute gem just weeks after releasing the excellent, Samurai Champloo dedication.

This time he returns with his partner in crime Obii Say, to create another dedication album, this time to Cowboy Bebop. A real classy tribute, with a lot of jazz in the mix, and dope lyrics by Obii

Cowboy Biibop project is pretty much free at $0.99


Sinitus Tempo:

“I have just released my cowboy bebop tribute ep with an artist named obii say entitled “Cowboy Biibop Soundtrack EP” we put alot of work into this we actually finished this within 24 hours and this was done before my Solo samurai champloo tribute. i will be doing a bunch of fan made tributes to my favorite anime soon i believe the next will be claymore. which will be for free download.”

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