Rich Kidd x DJ Grouch – R.N.T

Here comes the official 2nd single…”Real Ni**a Tears” featuring Rich Kidd and the legendary DJ Grouch. Produced by Burd & Keyz! RIP KEYZ.
I had done this beat a couple days before the Keyz passed away and I remember he loved it saying it sounded like some “Wu-Tang shit” but I knew the beat was missing something.
So after the passing of Keyz and the idea to start the project Keyz Of Life evolved, I invited the homie McCallaman over to add something to the beat in the spirit of what Keyz would do. He then began to lay down this sick bass line riff and strings section. Then I called Rich Kidd up cuz after listening to We On Some Rich Kidd Shit 3 and I heard the emotion and delivery he did on “Ridin’ Solo” (favorite songs of all-time) I knew he would be perfect to capture the mood I was in during that period in my life.
DJ Grouch was a late 4th quarter edition, as we felt since were already on this 96 Wu-Tang swag, we might as well do a scratch chorus which has kinda been becoming a little extinct in my opinion in the hip hop scene so he blessed it up with some dope cuts and we present to you…


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