J Dilla – Heroin Joint

Aight so on the WordIsBond Tumblr (follow it if you don’t already) I like to drop a track every week day (this is today’s, for example), something for people to enjoy/reblog, and I like to keep it exclusive to Tumblr, keep it sweet you know. But this joint is too dope to be slept on.

This is some real rare Dilla, unreleased ish right here, and in my opinion, one of his best; infact every time I listen to it I like it more and more and I think it’s one of the best crafted beats of all time. I have no idea what release (if any) it’s from, or what year it was made, so if you have any idea drop a comment, but I do know it’s just one of those beats that you can reply over and over and over again.

If you like it and got a Tumblr, reblog it from here, why wouldn’t you.


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