“This album is both a literal and metaphorical allusion to my Voyage Home to Detroit after graduating from College. Creatively highlighted by my reconnection with the powerful cultural legacy that defines Detroit. This album is an anthology of audio that forms a gradient ranging from electronic inspired sounds-capes to that Real Live Detroit Sh*t.

The Voyage Home is a globetrot through muddy electronic waters
into the pit of Voltron’s chest cavity
transcending into a soul legacy of movement music
for gator walkers and fitted-tippers.

The Voyage Home is an Audio Headlock, an Urban Phantasm, a Negro Shrine.”

With an introduction like that there’s not much else to say ‘cept check it out!

The style is definately unique; reminiscent of a cyperpunk/hip-hop film score, ending with tribute tracks to both Nujabes and J Dilla.


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