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Buttery smooth track from Mane One, can’t give it enough praise right now so I’ll let the good brother St. Paco deliver the exposition…

“I wouldn’t call my homie DJ Mane One’s new song “Exception” nerd core, but it’s straddlin’ a pretty thin line. I mean, the tune is far from gangsta rap and not exactly backpack rap, but could qualify as a close cousin of the latter. And then again, like the name of the song itself, maybe this track is just an ‘exception’ to the usual rules of hip-hop cool. Thus, over a chopped-n-screwed Sam Cooke sample, Mane One waxes poetic over his idea of the perfect woman: an ‘around the way girl’ who can rap along to LL Cool J tunes, speed read Harry Potter novels and kick the ballistics on what makes Jean-Luc Picard the captain of all Enterprise captains. She disses Twilight, ‘hearts’ kung-fu flicks, sports Pro-Keds and can boogie with the best of the b-girls. Okay, homeboy’s standards are so friggin’ high that they could be considered hella unrealistic. But isn’t that the stuff that every dream lover is made of?”

Be sure to check out St. Paco’s blog over at Your Kung Fu Sucks!, he’s got the holy trinity of hip-hop, comics and kung fu down to a tee!

Mane One: YouTube


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