Illect Recordings recently signed Armond WakeUp and both are ready to start releasing new content in the form of the single  “Bless My Soul”.

Armond shares, “”Bless My Soul” is my first official release since being signed to Illect. I’ve been working on several different projects simultaneously behind the scenes & I’ve gotten to a place where I can offer some insight into where I am lyrically. Sonically, things are still being flushed out, but my writing has been in an amazing place for the last 6 months.

“Bless My Soul” reminds me of the Psalms. It’s David & he’s all over the place. He’s in worship. He’s afraid. He’s determined. He’s angry. He’s tired. He’s intentional. But it’s all communication with God & that’s the most important thing. I mean, what do you say to the Creator of the Universe? Many of us have trouble beyond a surface level. Here’s my attempt. More music soon.”

Armond is also publishing a regular Vlog on YouTube. His latest vlog talks about cutting his hair after 8 years.

Video: Kairos Culture – Making The Cut

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