Apollo Bebop is a band from Santa Ana, California. The group is named after the Greek God of music and the style of Jazz, they aim to revitalize the appreciation of Jazz by incorporating it’s musicality with classic Hip Hop back beats. This four man crew consists of drummer Donovan Cruz, bass and guitar roles alternating between Christopher Trimmer and Dom Cruz, DeAndre Grover brings the horn vibes on tenor sax, and emcee Brian to Earth provides the soothing vocals that matches the sounds created by the instrumentalists. Its been a while since hip hop has experienced this live instrumentation type production and believe me when I say this is a breath of fresh air and definitely a great development for the culture. When you listen to their music, you can hear that raw sound as all is produced entirely by Apollo Bebop bringing that raw analog sound to your hearing. Go check out the Sushi No Rubber ep and understand where I’m coming from. Don’t waste no time now.

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