As Boston rapper, singer and songwriter Antonio Breez prepares to drop his 5th studio album in the fall season, he shares the lead single “Ride” to keep his fans satisfied. The LA-based act taps into the summer aura with this smooth alluring track that is ripe with airy melodies and adulation towards the lady who is down for him. Written by Antonio Breez and produced by Ocean Luciano, the record sure hits the spot with its lush guitar plucks, warm textures, and bounce.


For the accompanying music video, Antonio Breez collaborated with the video director and fellow Los Angeles-based creative Corey Saldana to bring the track further to life. Filmed on the seaside in Malibu and along the Pacific Coast Highway in California, the video for “Ride” brings us that much closer to the summer, with its glorious cinematography and summertime vibes, while showing Breez trying to profess his ‘ride or die’ love to his girlfriend, and asking her to ride with him.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Ride’, Antonio Breez says, “the song was written four years ago. The song was inspired by just manifesting the type of love I’ve always wanted to have. That ride or die, that rider. It’s something I think we can all relate to. For four years, I’ve been perfecting the song until it was just right, and now it’s what I always knew it could be. Lyrics don’t get old, but beats do, and before the beat was re-imagined with Luciano, it was originally produced by ProdbyKJ”.


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