I got wind of this collaboration between Alim and SicksentZ while watching an episode of ask deadendhiphop – and I must add if Myke says its dope, I might as well check it out for the fun of it. First of all, Do Us All A Favor is engaging, weird, trippy, off kilter and unpredictable. The beats range from synth driven, glitchy, choppy samples to rock influenced sounds. The good part is it doesn’t sound forced but just feels like Alim is having mad fun on DJ Sicksentz’s beats. Delivery wise: far from boring, he also reminds me of an energetic MF Grimm with a dash of Count Bass. This is pretty interesting to say the least and I implore you all to check it out.

DJ Sicksentz is a DJ  nd Producer from Brooklyn and I think Alim is from Atlanta.

Choice tracks: My Favourite Rapper Fell Off’, Danny Glover’, Jackie Robinson’ my cousin.

[wpsharely]Download Do Us All A Favor: Facebook[/wpsharely]

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