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This is FRESH out the inbox and just released, “Being and Knowing” is Isodynamics latest release, with a strong visual cover and ever stronger content, this album is one you want to check. And at 18 tracks, for $7 is a steal.


Isodynamics: Twitter

Tracklist After The Jump…

The Home
1. The Basement feat. DJ Pain 1
2. The Windows
3. The Garage
4. The Garden
5. The Kitchen
6. The Home

The Body
7. The Hands
8. The Eyes
9. The Ears
10. The Heart feat. DJ Pain 1
11. The Skin
12. The Face

The Mind
13. Anxiety
14. Jealousy
15. Ecstasy feat. K.Raydio
16. Guilt
17. Rage
18. Boredom

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