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Welcome to the 2nd edition of WIB Meets. This time around we hooked up with an emcee who graced our pages numerous times without number and it was a pleasure getting her on the hot seat. She just released her latest project ‘Friction’ so we think it’s a great time to peer into her thoughts. [&hellip


Walker Wear Love Notes Series # 3 – Making A Statement

Michael Stewart, Eleanor Bumpurs, Philip Pennell…those were the names on that PNB Clothing Line “Hello My Name Is” Tee that was created over 20 years ago. They were the names of people like you and I who were slain by police brutality. That tee was so important for so many reasons. First, the tee was [&hellip


INTERVIEW: WIB Meets Rice Master Yen (Germany)

For the maiden edition of our special one on one with artists from around the globe. We caught up with the Germany based indie producer Rice Master Yen.  A serial collaborator whose online work ethic knows no bounds. The young man gives us a hint of what he does beyond the music, his ethnic background, [&hellip

New Hip Hop Album

G.Bonson – The Dust & The Incense

The French Touch Connection present G.Bonson‘s new album The Dust & The Incense. I’ve been listening to his music since the EP Seuls, and it crosses many different countries’ influence to be made in to hip hop instrumental music. Be sure to check this out, and if you like the album then also cop the vinyl and support [&hellip

flying lotus

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (Album Review)

A concept album about death is as original as a Robert Smith haircut on a Goth kid or a hipster V-neck tee on Childish Gambino. But what’s unique about the Flying Lotus album You’re Dead!, which also has the Angeleno producer rapping as his alter ego Captain Murphy (for the first time outside of a [&hellip

Edo.G After All These Years

Edo.G – After All These Years (Album Review)

Musical careers can arc in unpredictable ways. New chapters can arise with seemingly no relevance whatsoever to the preceding ones. Listeners enjoying/enduring this past summer’s FIFA World Cup anthem probably had no idea that Aloe Blacc rhymed some fierce cerebral abstractionisms as one half of Emanon 15 years ago. Whoever the hell the demographic was [&hellip


ANNOUNCEMENT: Word Is Bond Partners with Behind The Unsigned (Fuse TV)

The team at Word Is Bond is beyond excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Fuse TV’s very own Behind The Unsigned.  Behind The Unsigned is the innovative documentary series that takes viewers into the lives of 12 independent artists following their dreams in hip hop. This season, BTU hits four major cities: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and [&hellip

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