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Melo-Zed – Feel Me (U.K.)

Damn. British producer Melo-Zed puts out some freshness with the instrumental ‘Feel Me’. Just press play and appreciate how clean this sound is.  Continue Reading

j_von ackryte raw sheep

J’Von & Ackryte Announce Collab LP, Release Promo Mix

Yusssss so the MC/production duo of J’Von and Ackryte have finally announced their upcoming LP Raw Sheep, out at the end of next month both digitally and vinyl. To get an idea of what to expect Ackryte put together a promo mix featuring two tracks off the album exclusively (they’re at the end, and they’re worth the [&hellip

tommy boy records

Check Out Archive Footage Of Tommy Boy Records Back In 1991

Some cool footage has risen from the archives from a Swiss TV station of independent record label Tommy Boy Records. Founded in 1881, it’s been responsible for releases from the likes of De La Soul, Afrika Bambaataa and Capone-N-Noreaga, and it’s really interesting to see how labels operated back then (especially when you consider the sophistication of today). Continue Reading

pawcut maverick

Pawcut – Maverick

If you like jazzy hip-hop, then you’ll like this. Maverick is the debut solo LP from German producer Pawcut, and at a full 23 tracks long offers a really fulfilling mellow trip with refined sounds easy to cool out to. Buy on Radio Juicy‘s Bandcamp or head to for the vinyl. Continue Reading


L’Orange’s After The Flowers EP Released On Vinyl

L’Orange‘s development as an artist has been fantastic; as the production becomes more sophisticated, melodies more intricate, chops more fine, he’s grown his soulful jazzy noir style in to one instantly recognisable and one strong enough for other artists to begin to imitate. After The Flowers is a recent (free) EP dropped after last year’s album The Orchid [&hellip

good vibes

MikeyG x Spacechild – Vibin prod. Mono:Massive

Wooo Mono:Massive has a produced a classic joint with MikeyG and Spacechild on the mic. The beat absolutely bangs, dusty and jazzy with a huge snare, whilst the MCs flow is cold, topped off with guest cuts from DJ Sight. Huge track. Continue Reading

melodious sovereigns conglomerate

Melodious Sovereigns – Conglomerate

Here’s a dope compilation from collective Melodious Sovereigns. It sits at a dozen tracks long and is based on pairing two producers (with two audibly different styles) together to collaborate on a single beat. The outcome is really interesting, full of wavy synths. Continue Reading

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