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WIB Rap Radio feat. NGA, Hattr, Izzy & Chase

This week on Word is Bond Rap Radio, Izzy from the Midnight Marauders radio program joins me to co-host the show. We welcome Ngajuana and Mad Hattr to discuss the project they just released “Missed the Cut: Volume 1″ and all of the great things they have in the works. It was a lot of fun [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – My Favourite Ex-Girlfriend

This episode of The Word is Bond Rap Radio is dedicated to my favorite ex-girlfriend. It’s amazing how music can help you get over a break-up. So, if you are going through the same thing I am right now, I hope these tunes can give you some perspective. Continue Reading

Cassette Tape

WIB Rap Radio – Mastermind Street Jam (20 Yrs Later)

I used to love taping the Mastermind Street Jam back in the 90’s. It was like getting a free mixtape every week. I would tune in to the now-defunct Energy 108 and record the show. I could then enjoy it for weeks. I still have about 300 of these tapes. Today, I wanted to share [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – AZ Interview (20 Years of Doe or Die)

This is a very special edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of AZ’s debut album, “Doe or Die.“ I know that we are a year early with this one, but AZ told us that he was planning on releasing “Doe or Die 2″ this year and we wanted [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Interview with Apollo Brown & Ras Kass

We have two legends on the program tonight! Apollo Brown, one of the best producers hip-hop has ever seen, and Ras Kass, a veteran who has been spitting intelligent rhymes for 20 years now. Together, they are dropping a new album, Blasphemy at the end of the month. Chase March talks to them about the [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Dustin Moore Interview

Dustin Moore stopped by The Word is Bond Studios for an in-depth interview with Chase March. They discuss the burgeoning scene in London, Ontario, spit some great freestyle rhymes, and spin tracks from the new album, “Welcome to London” Continue Reading


WIB Rap Radio – Jacking for Beats (Ice Cube’s Kill at Will 22nd Anniversary)

Ice Cube’s classic E.P. “Kill at Will” went platinum 22 years ago this week. Some say that it is his finest work in a lengthy discography. That is up for debate, but his contribution to hip-hop music and culture cannot be denied. I think he is one of the Top 20 MCs of all time. [&hellip

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