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WIB Rap Radio – Flowtilla Interview (Lee Reed & Mother Tareka)

Flowtilla is a new super-group composed of Hamilton hip-hop veterans Lee Reed and Mother Tareka. Their music will surely get your head nodding and your brain thinking. I caught up with them at the end of the summer and we had a great discussion about politics, voting, the power of voice and action, lyrics, and much, [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Owning and Collecting Music

This week, we explore the concept of owning music in this day and age. From my grandpa’s 8 tracks, to my cassette tapes, to vinyl, CDs, MP3s, to online streams. A lot changed over the past 40 years. Press play to be educated and entertained with songs, artist interview clips and more as we dive [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Rakaa Iriscience Interview (of Dilated Peoples)

Today we have a very special guest on The Word is Bond Rap Radio. This MC is so nice that we had to expand our program to 90 minutes this week. So please help me welcome Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples to the show. We talk about the Canadian connection the group has, The Rock Steady Crew, [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Baba Brinkman Interview

I caught up with Baba Brinkman on Darwin Day earlier this year. He was performing his show, The Rap Guide to Evolution, to a packed house at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) I was absolutely blown away by his show that combines science, hip-hop, comedy, and performance art in a way that is respectful to hip-hop [&hellip


WIB Rap Radio – Political Rap

The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour: Part 1 – Political Rap Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Today, we look closely at the sub-genre of Political Rap and how it came to be. The show features these great songs . . . Continue Reading

marvelous mag

WIB Rap Radio – Marvelous Mag Interview

Chase March interviews hip-hop artist Marvelous Mag in the latest edition of The Word is Bond Rap Radio program. They talk about building and supporting a local hip-hop scene, what it’s like for underground hip-hop music in the Miami area, the writing process, and all things hip-hop. Chase March also spins these great tunes. Continue Reading


WIB Rap Radio – Moka Only

Moka Only is a one of the most prolific rappers in the game right now. He has been dropping quality music since the early 90s and has close to that many albums under his belt as well. Music is a part of his daily life. He produces, writes, and records every day. I caught up with him [&hellip

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