What goes together better than skateboarding and hip-hop?

Not much, in my opinion. That’s why I am bringing you this mix of great songs. Most of them are actually about skateboarding as well.

Enjoy the mix! Hit the skatepark and flip out to the tunes, or lay back and put it on blast. Skateboards aren’t required for your listening pleasure. But they are highly recommended.

WIB Podcast # 13 – Music for Skaters

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Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push
MCBC & React – Thrasher
Black Eyed Peas – Fallin’ Up
Mission 5 – They Gave Chase
Pharrel – When Skateboard Came
Eddie Rap Life – Push My Wood
Murs – Transitions Az a Ridah
ANTHM & Blu – Polaris
Kayne West – Touch the Sky
MCBC & React – Skatelife
Beatnuts – Hit Me With That
Fugees – Vocab
Brodie – Skate, Rap, Sleep, Repeat
Ganga Lee – Not 4 Free
bAD Productions – Making a Beat with a Skateboard
Kish / Sadat X – Clutch Pop
Oh No / Phife Dawg – Dues and Don’ts
My.N.O.R.S. / Reks – Neck of the Woods
Apollo Brown / OC – People’s Champ

Thanks for listening!

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