A round of dopeness from the eastern hemisphere.  First up, the new video by Taiwanese underground MC Soft Lipa.  This jazzy vibe isn’t common in the Taiwanese hip-hop scene but thanks to artists like Soft Lipa embracing the sound, it’s gaining some interest.  On this track it’s provided by none other than Shin-Ski, a personal favourite of mine.

NEWS: Speaking of the Japanese producer, a remix contest in currently running for the new Shinsight Trio album Moonlight Sunrise.  Keep your eyes on Word Is Bond over the next couple of days for more info when the English site is launched, and also next week we’ll be dropping our full review on the new album itself, releasing outside Japan on October 26th.

Soft Lipa: MySpace • Twitter

Shin-Ski: MySpace • Facebook • Twitter

Badnews Records: Website • Twitter


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