Toronto based singer/composer, Tasha Angela makes her debut appearance on TWIB with the visuals for her soul-gripping single titled “Undescribable Feeling.” On the first listen, we were struck by her powerful angelic performance and wide vocal range over the solemn, nostalgic backdrop. She really knows how to tap into her deepest emotions and bring them to life with heartwarming melodies and unique song-writing. She uses her vulnerability as the selling point and gives the listener her all without pulling punches.

The video was directed by Toronto based actor and movement artist Virgilia Griffith who gives the song the perfect visuals to describe Angela’s feelings. For the most part, Angela is engulfed by a black backdrop where she performs in a sort of void. This performance stands as a metaphor for the search for personal freedom while being comfortable with herself.

“Undescribable Feeling” is Tasha Angela’s second record following “Lost In Nostalgia” released last fall. The confessional track offers a glimpse into Tasha Angela’s forthcoming debut EP, Hidden Gems, set for release on February 4th, 2020.

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