I have been listening to Little Brother’s catalogue lately and at first glance at Vice’s latest leak it really struck a cord in me. The song “Speed” had this line by Phonte that goes “This treadmill lifestyle ain’t working for me, gotta wake up and face this world of capitalistic onslaught”. That’s that feel I get when listening to Vice’s Treadmill Lifestyle. We have all been there(as a matter of fact most of us are still there). We all just zeroed in on a regimented, somewhat robotic matrix. We try to earn enough to pay bills, raise kids, obey the laws of the land and for the most part stay alive. That is just the way of the world whether we like it or not.

This is the final leak from Vice as he drops his debut EP titled Vice For President in early April. Keep an eye(both of ’em) out for that one!!!!

While treadmills give you a reason to move, they create the impression that you’re making progress. In all actuality, you’re at the very same place in which you started. This happens to the best of us; without realizing, we adapt to the same goals and ambition of those around us. To break this cycle, take heed from the wise words of the Lorain, Ohio beatsmith/emcee, Vice Souletric, who unites with fellow statesman, G. Huff, and Beantown’s, REKS, on the appropriately titled, “Treadmill Lifestyle,” which serves to break the cats and the cradle syndrome that traps many of us from making real power moves, over Vice’s head nodding production. “Treadmill Lifestyle” is the 3rd and final leak taken from Vice’s April 7th, debut EP, Vice for President, through United Grind.

Press ReleaseVice for President: http://bit.ly/19JwFma

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