Emerging genre-fusing artist Nisee Amore makes her entry into TWIB with the release of her first single “Love Is.” The track is a true showing of her deep RnB/soul roots as it captures the classic era of the genre with its rich textures and driving grooves that make fora nostalgic and heartwarming listen.


The track sees Amore detailing her journey through a turbulent relationship that was hindering her growth and she makes up her mind to leave the entire situation. The decision is tough but it’s something she must do to retain her sanity from an unrelenting partner who seems to be taking advantage of the element of love. Armed with a charming and lifting voice, Amore delivers an honest performance that digs deep into her emotions and pain. Using these painful experiences as a momentum booster, she turns the tables to regain her emotional freedom. The track arrangement is quite solid and also gives us a short glimpse into Amore’s rapping capabilities and I must say is excellent as she doesn’t miss a beat with the way she flowed all over the smooth backdrop.

Nisee Amore grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, a historic hub for jazz and blues with a rich tradition and distinct identity. Some of her influences include jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Dinah Washington.


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