Emerging rapper NCREDABLE makes his grand entry on TWIB with a triple release showcasing his characteristic style of conscious and relatable hip-hop.

The first track “Sunrise” is an anthemic track that focuses on real-time issues ranging from systemic racism, redlining, economical discrimination, and much more.  Over a lush soulful backdrop, NCREDABLE gives his honest opinions concerning these issues and tries to implore everyone to read the signs and do better. Joining him on the record is singer Katy Rodgers who ties it all up with an emotional chorus.

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The next track is “Lean on Me” has a nice bouncy groove reminiscent of the recent Afropop wave and a lush guitar riff. NCREDABLE doesn’t let the beat sway him as he gives the listener a tale of epic proportions that deals with the loss of loved ones and relationships gone sour. He really paints the pictures with vivid detail but it’s not all doom and gloom as he gives a silver lining behind the dark cloud.

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The last track we have on deck is called “Next Friday” and has a dark ominous texture but the drum groove has a dancehall feel to it.  NCREDABLE goes for an adult-oriented premise with his somewhat explicit imagery and a sultry Spanish chorus to complete the job. The chorus is sung by Rossana Arline.

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