J.M€AZ¥ delivers Dollar$ Und€r Th€ Influ€nc€, a 7 track body of work that is ripe with soulful soundscapes and vivid off-kilter lyricism. J.M€AZ¥ handles most of the vocals and holds down the fort by himself from start to finish.

“Pa$$ed Out The Pa Turnpike” is the first track on the project and its title plays off the alcohol-influenced theme while setting the tone for the rest of the tracks. Backed by a soulful and relaxing backdrop made up of lush keys, warm pads and hushed grooves, J.M€AZ¥ takes listeners into his daily endeavours with vivid lyricism. He also flexes on the opposition with lines like 10 a.m crack open my second fifth, ironic how I took a shot at you miss and hit a swish/By the time, we finished our dish, she replying to your text like new phone, who this?” and uses alcohol beverage ads as the hook to tie the verses together. The following track “I$ You Drunk Again?” continues his storytelling style and knack for employing soulful soundscapes as his canvas. He takes us into his stylish lifestyle with much enthusiasm while reminding us of his go-getter mindset. “Gambling While Intoxicated” makes use of a vocal sample chop with nostalgia-inducing keys and gripping basslines. Here, J.M€AZ¥ gets into his bag with a plethora of wordplay and references that range from Rocky flicks to legendary boxers underpinned by the gambling theme.


“$Top Drinking, Count The Money” is an aspirational tune that explores the concept of stacking the cash. The production has an alluring and haunting feel with a vocal sample chop and bright keys. The fun continues with “Hungover Brunches at Caffe Gelato”, a summer-themed cinematic piece that centers on the good things in life that money can buy. J.M€AZ¥ also shares his thoughts on alcohol dependency to a small degree as he tries to balance the odds to be in his favour. Next is the previously released single “Sober In Dozzino”, the track is a vivid tale of the rapper’s experience on a certain Friday night at a pizza spot where he got intoxicated. Over a drumless, jazzy backdrop, J.M€AZ¥ takes us from an innocent beginning to something of a crazy night. You have to hear it to believe it.


The final track titled “Drunken Love” samples a classic song that recently went viral on TikTok and is flipped into a dark and moody soundscape underpinned by a rich melodic chorus and sees J.M€AZ¥ detailing some intimate details about him and the woman who caught his eye. He proceeds to assure her of his complete devotion and asks the same of her. Overall, Dollar$ Und€r Th€ Influ€nc€ is cohesive in terms of sound and arrangement. The overall subject matter doesn’t quite explore a wide range of topics but gives enough information for listeners to tap into.

Stream Dollar$ Und€r Th€ Influ€nc€ on Apple Music.

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