Rap game all fucked up. From the absolute phonies to respectable dudes who just embellish the truth away like Rick Ross. In 2012 the truth is scarce in Hip Hop. The playing field has been leveled and now folks of all sorts are jumping in and hoping to measure up. But it would seem the more accessible being a rapper becomes, the more hyperbolic being a rapper becomes. It’s all exaggeration in the name of creating an identity that stands out. But thankfully, real folks remain. And thankfully we remain in the thick with them.

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And so, it is with great pleasure that we present Hyperbolic Chamber Music. A beastly rendition of what happens when rappers can only keep it real. Gathered here for your listening pleasure is an unprecedented grouping of 26 of rap’s most valiant soldiers from the front lines over one single 22+ minute track produced by Ryan Hemsworth. These are the names, faces, and voices of the folks who dedicate their lives to preserving one of the greatest cultural traditions of the United States, and make incredible music while doing it.
From our hearts to yours, Мишка’s Class of 2012 Hyperbolic Chamber Ensemble is wishing you a year filled with truth, and realness.
Featuring (in order of appearance):
MondreM.A.N., Squadda B, TRPLBLK, Chavis Chandler, Kool A.D., Big Baby Gandhi, Key Nyata, Isaiah Toothtaker, Joeybagadoughnutz, Dizzy D, Supa, Snaxx, Left Leberra, Don D, Rod Fuego, 9Gs, Zachg, Lakutis, Fat Tony, Lofty305, Lowercase, Himself the Majestic, Shady Blaze, Keyboard Kid, Antwon, Western Tink & Chippy Nonstop.




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