Producer/MC ADUM⁷ returns with a second instrumental project titled ‘Ephemeral’ which is the follow up to his previous tape ‘The Prototype’.  Once again, the talented producer approaches the project with surgical precision from the texture of sounds he uses to the emotions that come with it. His aim to trigger some form of feeling within the listener is evident in tracks like the introspective “No Love Lost” to the retro-video game-esque “Taino Woman”, the 14 track body of work sure stray from getting stale as it fuses a handful of styles from classic hip-hop, trap, and experimental elements.

As a forward-thinking creative he lets us know what the project is really about. Ephemeral is just a gentle reminder that our existence is short – I have evolved past a lot of things, especially the systems that are money-driven. The only currency I have grown to truly appreciate, wholeheartedly, is the currency and quality of “human exchange.”


01. For Forgiveness
02. No Love Lost
03. Raw Pharaoh X7
04. Taíno Woman
05. Swizz Cheese
06. Believe
07. For What It’S Worth
08. Love to Forgive
09. Turtle Pace
10. Windy Fall
11. Mo Traps (Cutting Karmic Cords)
12. light work 7
13. Eclipse 3030
14. Give Me A Reason

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