Queens native Ali Vegas drops his 3rd visual off his latest album The Book Of Ali, a collaborative effort with Sha Money XL. In my opinion, Ali comes off as one of the most consistent lyricist, an ardent student of the game with a distinct flow coupled with story telling abilities. It’s totally mind boggling how people still sleep on this cat’s contribution to hip-hop.

“I crawl before I walk, I listen before I talk

That’s how I became, the prince of this New York”

 ‘Porch 2 the public’ is typical Ali though, a choral backdrop layered over mellow drums and a sung chorus by The rezza brothers. Verbally Ali paints a grim detailed picture of the struggle and grind-typical? maybe but he does it so well it never gets old.

Bar for bar, he’s a rapper’s rapper though he may not make music for the clubs or radio I really hope this gets the much needed exposure it truly deserves.

Get with the program!!!

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