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The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy: Part 4 (The End)

Suff Daddy at Splash Festival (Photography by Robert Winter) Episode 72 mit Suff & Miles by RadioLoveLove Ok, so i tried to write the last episode of the underground chronicles quicker than the last one, but i totally failed. The tour is over now for about two weeks, and i’m happy to chill out at [&hellip

The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy: Part 3

Suff Daddy & Miles Bonny In Berlin (Photography by Robert Winter) I have to apologize for the long delay, on the third part of the underground chronicles. We haven’t had much time to chill since we started as we have shit to do every day. and when I had the chance to chill out a [&hellip

The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy: Part 2

All right Continue Reading

The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy: Introduction

So here we go. The Suff Chronicles. I just packed my bags for a 5 week trip. I’m kinda excited, but right now I’m feeling like I wanna stay at home and chill Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: The Underground Chronicles Of Suff Daddy (This Month)

Has it really been two month, since our last Chronicles?!…I must apologise for the lack of UC as we had a few thecnical issues, and couldn’t make it for the past couple of months. But now we are officially back and better than ever. I would like to thank Moka Only for joining us on [&hellip

The Underground Chronicles Of Moka Only – Intro & Airport Series

Airport 5 PREVIEW – GRAB GRAB GRAB. by Word Is Bond Greetings,yall.. so here I am,Torch,as some of you guys know me. I want to start these chronicles off by talking about my ‘AIRPORT’ album series.  In early 2007 I had been working on a series of new tracks around jan and feb. The wether in vancouver [&hellip

The Underground Chronicles Of Mr. J. Medeiros: Bio Part 4 (The be continued…)

CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW VIDEO Mr. J. Medeiros: “Sound miniature violin Continue Reading

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