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Voodoo Black- Who You Be (Prod. Clem Beatz’)

UK(Manchester to be precise) hiphop group Voodoo Black usher us into their ends with this laid back cut Who You Be. I’m just hearing about them for the first time and I must say they deliver the dopeness effortlessly over the hazy soundscape provided by Clem Beatz. And for you true heads out there, the [&hellip


@Peace – Gravity (New Zealand)

@peace delivered a true hidden gem last year in the form of their album @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony, which screams next level in terms of production and lyrical content. I don’t know about you, but I like my hip-hop to blast me off into outer space and @peace deliver this with charm, subtly [&hellip


AR – Burn The Books Feat. Spaycee (Prod. InedibleHAM)

Northcreed affiliate AR‘s latest work is a horror b film inspired visual for Burn The books which features Spaycee. In here we have open fields, flaming mannequin heads/books,bonfires and strange masked individuals. Thankfully the weird feel of this video doesn’t distract from the song itself but lends itself in such a way as to present the [&hellip


Walker Wear Producer Series – DJ Scratch

Walker Wear sat down with DJ Scratch to discuss his relationship with the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run-D.M.C.! DJ Scratch has been DJing since 1985 and has several accolades under his belt including being a Grammy nominated platinum producer, World Champion DJ, Turntablist of the year and many more. DJ Scratch has toured the world [&hellip

j dilla donuts

Someone Put Together A Video For The Entire Length Of Dilla’s Donuts

This is cool. A Youtube user by the name of Houston Loves J Dilla has put together a video for the entirety of J Dilla’s Donuts made out of an assortment of clips. Already one of the greatest albums of all time – period – it’s always nice to have an excuse to revisit it, especially when it’s as [&hellip

the demon antiquity

The Demon – Believe in the Lie feat. Vision

Here are visuals for The Demon’s track ‘Believe In The Lie’, featuring Vision. I love the look, the style, the beat, and the way this video is put together – it might be the best-produced video to ever come out of my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The newscast vibe is really cool, with the crawl that rushes [&hellip


Petter Jones – Heaven’s Gate ft. Trel Mack

With dudes like these ones, there is hope for hip hop just yet. Never really been tuned to the music of Petter Jones till now, but I must say that it has been a pleasure to find hidden jewels like these. I think I like the cunningness of sampling 4 bars of the late great [&hellip

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