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WIB Meets Rich Quick

Emcee Rich Quick representing South Jersey joins us today for another exciting sit down on WIB Meets. He shares some pretty fascinating details about his come up, his heroes and some more. Sit back relax and check out what he had to say. Continue Reading


WIB Meets Nutso

After the brief hiatus, WIB Meets returns with gusto as we sit back with the man from Queens, the man who has been blessing us with rock solid joints for a minute now. Nutso is the name and y’all should be pretty familiar with it if y’all have been checking out our pages. As you [&hellip


WIB Meets Notion (Interview)

We taking it to T-dot for this latest episode of WIB Meets. We reached out to emcee/producer Notion. Who is half of the Australia born, Canada based duo The Movement Fam. Always on the move, we were privileged to catch the man and chop it up for a few and being the chilled dude that [&hellip


WIB Meets Liam (Interview)

I feel stoked about this latest entry on WIB meets. This is a cat I got introduced to a couple of years back. Let’s rephrase that, his music was the first introduction before I met him in person. The man in question, Liam (from TTT) has been serving us some heat on WIB for a [&hellip


WIB Meets Allen Poe (Interview)

As promised, we at WIB aren’t resting on our oars this year as we plan on giving you more than the music. The 2nd episode of the 2nd season of our WIB meets interview series brings back a familiar name in the form of emcee Allen Poe. The man shares  some very interesting elements from [&hellip


WIB Meets Dr Mad (Interview)

First of all, I what to take the time out to appreciate all the artists who participated in the first season of WIB Meets. You guys were great from the jump and I must add that I learned quite a lot from asking such simple (sometimes silly) questions and for that I thank you all [&hellip


WIB Exclusive – 1978ers Interview

When listening to music, regardless of genre, is there anything more refreshing than hearing honesty emanating from the speakers, seeping into our subconscious and creating a smile on our soul? We all know special songs or albums that accomplished this through the years. Just turn that special music on right now and feel how your [&hellip

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