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The acting in these videos is far better than Kanye's acting in Anchorman 2.

Music Videos That Stood Out In 2013 | video

I hate making year-end lists because my opinions often change. So instead of calling this alphabetically ordered list “The Best Hip-Hop Videos of 2013,” it’s “Videos That Stood Out in 2013,” although I will say that Bambu and Prometheus Brown’s “Books” video is my favorite. There’s no other video I’ve Tumblr’d more this year than [&hellip

BEST OF 2011: Top 10 Albums

Rounding off our series looking back at the year of 2011 in hip hop is our list of ten albums that you should endeavour to get your ears around, if you have not already done so.  Read on to see the dopest of the dope both under and above ground within hip hop. 1. Dela [&hellip

BEST OF 2011: Top 10 MCs

After sharing our list of the best producers who blessed us with their music over the past year, we continue with the recap and this time we bring you the top 10 Mc’s of 2011. An amalgamation of the dopest and most hard working lyricists to come through this year. 10. Has Lo A very [&hellip

BEST OF 2011: Top 5 Producers

The Word Is Bond continues it’s annual mentions to the most noteworthy talents in hip-hop from 2011.  Producers; whether forging the foundations for MC’s to jump on, or crafting instrumentals to be enjoyed in their own form… 5. Exile Exile is undeniable.  He could have maintained a strong reputation purely by continuing as one half [&hellip


This is the moment a lot of our readers have been waiting for The Word Is Bond Top Ten Albums of 2010. It is the combined efforts of all the writers on the site, we each put in our say to deliver this post honouring our favorite artists. Obviously music is subjective so were never [&hellip


BEST OF 2010 – Best MC: Raw Poetic

Raw Poetic “Hey people got a way with words its all symbols Fast talking characters swear it’s all simple I can spot the youth by speech and not pimples And I can see my God through sounds and not temples My soul I put aside with my shadow and grew older Boat flow, two lines [&hellip


BEST OF 2010 – Best Live Act: Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Suite For Ma Dukes

Miguel Atwood Ferguson Orchestra Suite For Ma Dukes – Untitled/Fantastic Best Live Act of 2010 goes to Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson for the live performances of “Suite For Ma Dukes” Suite for Ma Dukes is a tribute piece dedicated to Dilla’s mom, created from orchestral arrangements of his work by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Even though the [&hellip

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