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Algorhythms EELRIJUE Quandary

Algorhythms – EELRIJUE (EP Review)

Frankly, trying to review this album sent me into Barton Fink-mode. For a while, I planned to settle on that single sentence alone as my review. Only after several repeat listens could I begin to wrangle some verbiage. What is EELRIJUE? Is it an anagram? The name of an ancient Nordic sea serpent? This was [&hellip

Madlib Pinata Beats Review

Madlib – Piñata Beats (Album Review)

When the Madlib-produced Freddie Gibbs debut Piñata came out a couple of months ago, critics began levelling heavy praise at it with the fervour of a birthday kid swinging his bat in a sugar-rage for more confectionery innards to gorge on. I didn’t feel so strongly about it. Gibbs’ flow was nice enough, and there’s [&hellip

Raw Poetic Kev Brown Review

Raw Poetic & Kev Brown – Concentrated Maneuvers (EP Review)

When it comes to hip-hop history, Washington is often overlooked, rarely receiving a mention in comparison to the likes of New York, California and the South. And yet despite the cities low-key profile, it has delivered a number of hidden gems, with albums from the likes of Oddisee, Asheru and Panacea springing to mind. Kev [&hellip

DJ Qbert

DJ Qbert – Extraterrestria (Album Review)

In a brilliant strategy that’s enabled him to satisfy two different kinds of fans, Bay Area scratch legend DJ Qbert dropped two crowdfunded albums simultaneously on iTunes on July 1: the all-instrumental album Extraterrestria and GalaXXXian, a collection of radio- or club-friendly yet still unmistakably underground-sounding joints with guest features by the likes of Kool [&hellip

Klaus Layer For The People Like Us Review

Klaus Layer – For The People Like Us (Album Review)

Germany’s Klaus Layer releases his second full length LP on Redefinition Records… Continue Reading

The Difference Machine Clocks EP Review

The Difference Machine – Clocks (EP Review)

The Difference Machine is Atlanta’s DT on the mic and Dr. Conspiracy on the beats. Clocks is their latest release; an EP following their debut LP of last year, The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Difference Machine. Continue Reading

Taraach One Two Review

Ta’Raach – One Two (EP Review)

Inventiveness. Originality. These are two important things in any creative medium. Alas, we, as consumers, are rarely treated to works that are imbued with those qualities. We plod along listening to the same old, same old. If you’re anything like me you’ll often find yourself thirsting for something to come along and sonically slap you [&hellip

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