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Word Is Bond Meets K-Def

In this edition of Word Is Bond Meets, We sit down with a seminal producer, K-Def. Who was behind groups like Monie Love, El da Sensei, Lords of the underground etc. In this brief but in depth tete-a-tete he gives us an insight into some of his technical skills, his experience with working with Diddy [&hellip

flying lotus

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (Album Review)

A concept album about death is as original as a Robert Smith haircut on a Goth kid or a hipster V-neck tee on Childish Gambino. But what’s unique about the Flying Lotus album You’re Dead!, which also has the Angeleno producer rapping as his alter ego Captain Murphy (for the first time outside of a [&hellip

Edo.G After All These Years

Edo.G – After All These Years (Album Review)

Musical careers can arc in unpredictable ways. New chapters can arise with seemingly no relevance whatsoever to the preceding ones. Listeners enjoying/enduring this past summer’s FIFA World Cup anthem probably had no idea that Aloe Blacc rhymed some fierce cerebral abstractionisms as one half of Emanon 15 years ago. Whoever the hell the demographic was [&hellip

K-Def Tape One Marley Marl

K-Def – Tape One (Album Review)

K-Def, a New Jersey native, spent a substantial amount of time in New York during the “Golden Era”, immersing himself with the culture, the clubs, and then hitting the records stores in both cities for sample fodder. The result was many of the beats featured on this cassette; his résumé to Marley Marl fused on a [&hellip


Mndsgn – Yawn Zen (Album Review)

Breatharian, the 2013 concept album from Los Angeles producer Mndsgn (pronounced “mind design”), a.k.a. Ringgo Ancheta, is as good as spacey instrumental hip-hop gets, with imaginatively produced soundscapes and crazy flips of Stefano Torossi’s ill 1974 instrumental “Running Fast” and the OutKast hit “B.O.B.,” which gets sped up to the point where Alvin and the [&hellip


Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge — There Is Only Now (Album Review)

If there’s one thing the Oakland group Souls of Mischief — Opio, A-Plus, Tajai and Phesto — is known for, other than the classic “93 ‘Til Infinity,” the still-fresh-sounding 1993 track that brought attention to their remarkable and relaxed chemistry as an ensemble, it’s consistency. Not once have they recorded a terrible album. (Plus they [&hellip

Algorhythms EELRIJUE Quandary

Algorhythms – EELRIJUE (EP Review)

Frankly, trying to review this album sent me into Barton Fink-mode. For a while, I planned to settle on that single sentence alone as my review. Only after several repeat listens could I begin to wrangle some verbiage. What is EELRIJUE? Is it an anagram? The name of an ancient Nordic sea serpent? This was [&hellip

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