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Carpet Patrol Suff Daddy

Suff Daddy & Torky Tork – Carpet Patrol (Album Review)

It’s with great interest that I receive the news of a new Suff Daddy project. I’ve been following him for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed his progress as a producer. He’s a busy guy. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was listening to the Betty Ford Boys album (another of Suff [&hellip

Omega Supreme Soundwave

Will C. – Omega Supreme Soundwave (Album Review)

On the impressively titled Omega Supreme Soundwave, Will C. returns to the mic after a near two-year absence with the full connotation of the title embedded in his intent. This is end-game rap for all dull emcees in his sight. Will isn’t so much pressing the reset button on them as he is dropping a [&hellip


Cities Aviv–”Come To Life” (Album Review)

For Memphis rapper/producer Cities Aviv (born Gavin Mays), the internet–its busyness, its endless possibility, its boundless power to reproduce and imitate–is a metaphor for music.  Just like the internet, Cities Aviv’s music performs Umberto Eco’s postmodern condition, reflecting Eco’s supposition that new creations are merely amalgamations of old things.  Aviv, as a producer and a rapper, [&hellip

PSY/OPSogist Album Review

PSY/OPSogist – The Time Of Renewal (Album Review)

Any introduction to this/these enigmatic music creator(s’) work should come with a ‘Scary Door’ style disclaimer; it’s constructs are familiar, but its arrangement and presentation is a little less so.  These beats occupy a largely unique space somewhere between the grindhouse-style production of San Diegonites like The Gaslamp Killer and Beatsmith Resist, Check Your Head [&hellip


Dice Raw – Jimmy’s Back (Album Review)

Jimmy’s Back is a concept album based on the book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. The Jim Crow laws were racial segregation laws enacted in the United States in the late 1800′s, and despite efforts by many to define modern American society as a “post-racial” America, Michelle Alexander’s [&hellip

Mattic The Adventures Doctor Outer Phonosaurus

Mattic – The Adventures Of Doctor Outer (Album Review)

Mattic’s second full-length on Phonosaurus Records, The Adventures Of Doctor Outer, begins much like 2012′s The Abstract Convention with narration embodying the tone of what is to follow. Instead of a variant of the Midnight Marauders fem-bot, our narrator this time is fashioned in a Crypt Keeper style. While Mattic walked this line between science-fiction [&hellip

Digital Wildlife

The Physics — Digital Wildlife (Album Review)

In Digital Wildlife, the finely crafted fourth album by The Physics, the Seattle group explores the relationship between digital and analog by mixing synths with analog production elements and rapping about how, as the group explains it in the “Am I Crazy” single’s liner notes, “our lives take place so much within the digital domain, [&hellip

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