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TheWordIsBond.Com is more than just a website. We are the embodiment of a movement striving towards the growth of the arts. As a team of dedicated writers, we try our best to deliver quality hip-hop music and articles.

Now more than ever, fans of hip-hop look for sites that can provide an alternative to mainstream boredom. Here you will find all sorts of underground gems, but mostly you will find the truth. Unlike many other publications, our reviews aren’t biased, nor will we try and ‘sell’ you an artist.

We appreciate your feedback and comments, building a community; we can honour the emcees that are over-looked and under valued. Each section of the site will bring a different element to the blog, which will allow you to explore our vision for the future, one which is not tied down by commercial constraints.

Meet Our Team

Founder & Editor In Chief: Jose Lopes AKA •J•

Founder of TheWordIsBond.com....In love with the underground movement. Aiming to make a difference in the music industry and help elevate the talented artists within it.

Contributor/Daily Posts: Ray Tang Lee AKA Mr. Tang

Taiwanese,music lover. mail: [email protected]

Podcast Editor: Chase March AKA Chase March

Chase March is an elementary school teacher, a writer, and a hip-hop historian. He is the host of Word is Bond Rap Radio on 94.9 CHRW, a co-host / producer of DOPEfm on 93.3 CFMU, and can be heard regularly on OUR Show on 91.5 WPRK.

CEO: April Walker AKA aprilwalker

April Walker, owner and CEO of Walker Wear.

Head of Submissions/Daily Posts: AKA teckzilla

Hip-Hop enthusiast. Why do the breeze about it when you can be about it.

Daily Posts/Events: George Gabriel AKA GKG

Twenty two year old Hip Hop fiend. Representing the heads out there sick of that radio nonsense that they keep beating us over the head with. This right here is Hip Hop, its' alive and kickin' in this modern post war era. Hip Hop won't stop because it can't stop! On that note just remember, whack music will only die if you don't purchase it.

Contributor/Reviews: AKA DJ AFOS

Founder and programmer of the Internet radio station AFOS (A Fistful of Soundtracks), which streams film and TV score music (afistfulofsoundtracks.blogspot.com). Currently based in Silicon Valley but always hated the valley and has forever longed to move to NYC, partly because so much killer hip-hop emerged from there. I've been on board with hip-hop since I was eight and I started contemplating Egyptian philosophical questions like "What is a DJ if he can't scratch?"

Contributor/Album Reviews: Patrick Lane AKA Patrick

Paddy Lane is a passionate hip-hop fan from Dublin, Ireland. He is also one of the longest serving members of the Word Is Bond team.

Contributor/Album Reviews: Matt Raymond AKA Matticus Finch

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD follows me on twitter. I peaked socially in 7th grade. Once I watched the entire third season of Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out in one sitting.Likes: hip-hop, a child's laughter, whiskey, nature, climbing cool rocks, animated facial expressions, basketball, cooking, other languages, books.Dislikes: Facebook, copy machines.

Managing Editor: Lorcan O'Connor AKA LRCN

Very early 20s, studying for a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Leeds by day. But by both day and night I'm a deep lover of music, with a pinch of Pokemon and football fanaticism.

Contributor/Reviews: Dan AKA Dan

Rising from the murky depths of an early 80s, Essex, council estate. Music nerd right from his double helix all the way to his epidermis. Video editor by day and asleep by night. Loves to spot samples and then expand his musical horizons with the source record. Fell in love with hip hop when 'Wikki Wikki/Jam On It' was released, in 1983, blowing his, five year old, mind. One time DJ. Frustrated guitarist. Even more frustrated drummer.

Contributor: Michael AKA 602Diggler

Resides in Phoenix Arizona Schooling: Heat Dropper University with a Degree In Slaps...Post Editor For WIB since December of "09"

US Events Editor: Eric Soul AKA EricSoul

Editor of soulfully poetic. & Events Editor at Word Is Bond. I shoot & sponsor things I feel are dope. Oh, and I'm a political junkie.

Contributor/Daily Posts: Michelene Billy AKA ElleMajorr

Im President of the United States, an Acrobat, Bodega Vendor, & Anna Wintor. But I like blogging the best.