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Rosevelt – Blessings (feat. Kokane & Brooke Jean)

Before the holidays came around, Rosevelt dropped the visuals for one of his singles from his Rock Bottom High LP. Check it out as he gets together with one of LA legends Kokane & the poetess, Brook Jean. Rock Bottom High is out now!

Rosevelt – Blessings (feat. Kokane & Brook Jean):

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Rosevelt – Rock Bottom High LP

Call him whatever you want, but make sure your words are correct when you’re mentioning Rosevelt’s name. The west coast emcee, producer, and musical activist has been around for quite some time, and he’s put in work… I mean, some SERIOUS work. If you’re one of the many activists that can call out a very popular radio station in Los Angeles for not representing their hometown natives, especially NOT being hiphop as u ‘claim’ to be, AND help put together an independent radio show as well as independent music conference which will be going down in September? In other..

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