INTERVIEW: Natural Habitz

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January 21st, 2011

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INTERVIEW: Natural HabitzINTERVIEW: Natural Habitz[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Natural Habitz – Reason to smile ft Rebekka” dl=”0″]

Hailing from the backwoods of Chattanooga Tennessee is Natural Habitz, a group that embodies the feeling of classic hip hop with exciting stage presence and explosive rhymes. Not your average Hip Hop group, diverse to say the least; Natural Habitz epitomizes what Hip Hop stands for.  With an old school persona and new school swag Natural Habitz appeals to a wide fan base of different age groups, nationalities, and beliefs, simply put NH just makes good music for all to enjoy, relax, and relate too.

We caught up with them to talk about the Past, Present and the Future.

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So for the people who don’t know who you guys are introduce your selfs.

What’s good peoples??? we are Natural Habitz!!! The members of the group are Kunstruct, Meda, Doughboi, and Dice.

How long you been have you guys been together?

Natural Habitz with Kunstruct and Meda with ex members has been together since ’05 and with the current and final members since ’09…

Who and what are your inspirations to making music?

People, Music itself, and hip hop as a culture inspires us to make music. We wanna bring good music to people’s lives through the songs we create which will hopefully inspire them in positive ways, get them through anything they me be going through, have a good time, and rid the world of wack mcs!!!!! lol

What can you fans expect from your album coming out?

On all projects, you can expect ill beats and a plethora fresh lyrics!!! Hip-hop at its finest period.


What have been the ups and downs since you guys started making music?

Downs:  Getting people to finally realize that we have something new and different to bring to hip-hop as a whole and people to take us seriously and not just think we are a gimmick group. We are real heads who love this culture fam!!

Ups:  Us finally getting a break and then more breaks on top of that. Now we are making the music we love, with the backing of great labels/organizations, doing lots of shows, etc. and things are finally on the right track, people are finally getting into music and enjoying it and its an incredible blessing and feeling!!!

How has the internet effected you as musicians? Pros and cons.

Pros:  Unlimited access for fans  to enjoy and purchase our music across tons of mediums, instant promotion and it has given us access to tons of opportunities worldwide, including shows, collabs, and networking opportunities!

Cons: Illegal downloading and bootlegging of our material, which  hurts retail sales and makes it so a living at doing music is harder to achieve.

Do you guys have any other projects lined up for this year and if so can you tell us about them?

We have several international projects coming out and Meda, the female mc in the group, has several solo international projects coming out… via different labels from all over the world… Just stay tuned to Itunes, Rapsody, and all other digital media outlets and you will see them soon… Also Check out our Professional vids @, our epk @, and add us on twitter and facebook…Just look up Natural Habitz

Thanks for taking time out to speak to us any final words / shout outs you wanna give?

First and Foremost we wanna thank GOD!!! For all of his many blessings and for him giving us the talent to do music. Also, thanks to our booking agents, publicist, consultant-Big Rob, label CEOs, fans, families and friends for all of your support!!!

Shouts out to all of our NRG FAM-Strata-G, AV, Big Ced, IROK and Nicky Slick, our BBOY/BGIRL Fam KIDS IN THE CYPHER  (Kunstruct and Meda are an active part of this crew),  all our punk rock homies-Trac, Harley, Zach, Chris, Shane, and Cheeseburger!!! lol, and our Akshun Figure family!!!

P.S. Free Coop and Bino!!!! Ya’ll Hold ya heads fam!!!


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